R-M7N / M74N




R-58U / 59U

The delivery of analogues of mechanical seals for Robushi pump

The design of the mechanical mechanical seal consists mainly of two parts: a moving part and a fixed part. The fixed part is usually a ring, which is fixed in the pump casing. The movable part is mounted on the shaft and tightened by means of a spring to the fixed part. Sealing with end seals is achieved using secondary seals (bellows, rubber rings) and a friction pair. When choosing a mechanical seal, it is important to select the material of secondary seals and friction pairs for different temperatures and environments.

Materials mechanical mechanical seals shaft Robushi
Rubber material:

  • NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber), temperature resistance -20 to +120 C
  • EPDM (ethylene-propylene rubber), temperature resistance -30 to +170 C
  • Viton (fluororubber), temperature resistant -30 to +185 С
  • PTFE (fluoroplast), temperature resistant -260 to + 260C

Friction pairs

  • SUS - metal (stainless steel)
  • CAR - graphite
  • CER - ceramics
  • SIC - silicon carbide
  • TC - tungsten carbide

It is visually difficult to understand how these materials differ from each other (except for the fluoroplastic), so it is easier to choose the material from the accounting of the pumped medium and its temperature. Contact us, we will help you determine the material and choose the desired mechanical seal for the Robushi pump.