Bellows Seals R-16

Temperature: -20℃~150℃
Pressure: ≤0.5 MPa
Velocity: ≤10 m/s

1- Rotary Face: Carbon / SIC.
2- Stationary Seat: Ceramic / SIC.
3- Bellows: NBR / EPDM / VITON.
4- Spring: SS304 / SS316.
5- Metal Parts: SS304 / SS316.

Delivery within Ukraine Payment: wire transfer.
Delivery to Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom and other world countries.
Payment methods Payment methods: payment in cash, non-cash payment, сash on delivery (Nova Poshta).

R-16 bellows seals refer to elastomer bellows seals.

R-16 features block construction which provides easy installation. There are many different materials available for individual design. Extended working length can adjust to a greater number of allowed installation limits.

Application: swimming pools, beaty salons, wells, settling ponds, piston pumps as well as other inexpensive pumps with small shaft diameter.
Medium: water, oil, hydraulic liquids.

Analog to the following seals: Flowserve 16, SEALOL 6, US SEAL Type A, John Crane 6.

R-16 Bellows Seals