Double mechanical seal R-M74D

Temperature range: -20℃~200℃
Pressure: ≤1.6 MPа
Speed: ≤20 m/sec

1- Rotary ring:  Carbon / SIC / SUS.
2- Stationary ring: Carbon/Ceramic/SIC/SUS.
3- Bellows: EPDM / VITON.
4- Spring: SS304 / SS316.
5- Metal parts: SS304 / SS316.

Delivery within Ukraine Payment: wire transfer.
Delivery to Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom and other world countries.
Payment methods Payment methods: payment in cash, non-cash payment, сash on delivery (Nova Poshta).

Double mechanical seal R-M74D, noncompensated, with multiple springs, does not depend on the direction of the rotation.  

Double mechanical seal R-M74D work a treat with liquids that doesn’t create oiling effect in toxic flammable and explosive fluids. The using of sealing fluid system provides the greasing of seal, its cooling and also guards against the set appearance on the surfaces of friction couple, increasing its operability and endurance.  

The analogue of: Burgmann M74-D, Anga VD

Двойное торцовое уплотнение R-M74D