Seals for agitators, hoppers and conveyors withstand shaft beats

PALM seals are allowed: the radial runout of the shaft from 2 to 10 mm, depending on the compressed diameter,skew up to 3 degrees, axial displacement from 0.5 to 3...5 mm without loss of sealing capacity.

Торцевые уплотнения торговой марки PALM Торцевые уплотнения торговой марки PALM Уплотнения для мешалок, бункеров, реакторах, сосудах под давлением и конвейеровУплотнения для мешалок, бункеров, реакторах, сосудах под давлением и конвейеров

Application of PALM seals in:

  • Seals for agitators
  • Bunker seals
  • Seals for reactors
  • Seals for conveyors
  • Screw auger seals

Уплотнения PALM для мешалок

Seals PALM for agitators

Уплотнения PALM для шнека

PALM screw auger seals

PALM seals for agitators, hoppers, reactors, pressure vessels and conveyors are dry mechanical mechanical seals. offers mechanical seals for agitators from the trade mark “PALM”. Face seals of the PALM brand are the latest developments of dry types of end seals in reactors, mortise mixers, pressure vessels. They are widely used in the petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical industry agriculture. In the production of mechanical seals, materials resistant to temperature and aggressive media are used.

Face consolidations of the PALM trademark are reliability, fast installation, simplicity in service and a wide range of application.

PALM seal able to withstand shaft beats up to 6.35 mm, are an excellent solution for equipment pumping or stirring bulk materials, powders, suspensions and other environments, since they not only reduce the labor intensity of production, but also increase its efficiency.

Уплотнениявы PALM держивать биения вала величиной до 6,35 мм

The advantages of PALM seals for rotating shafts:

  • to withstand the beats of the shaft
  • for bulk products
  • prevent leakage and product loss
  • prevent damage to bearings and shafts
  • reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared to packing
  • do not need frequent maintenance due to self-regulating design
  • ensure clean working area and safe working conditions
  • easy to install
  • have a long operational period