Mechanical seal is the most advanced and effective packing for the rotating pump shafts.

Mechanical seals are designed to prevent a leakage of the pumped liquids, serious accidents are excluded. Sealing is ensured by the tight fit of two components - rotating and stationary - along the sealing surface.

Qualitative mechanical seal gives noticeable reduction of the power consumption of the pumping facilities and systems.

Friction pair is a crucial factor. Mechanical seals are mostly made of silicon carbide – ceramics, silicon carbide – silicon carbide, other high-quality materials are also used.

 Mechanical seal position in the pump


  • reliable shaft seal;
  • operating cost savings;
  • installation excludes sealing afterlapping;
  • can be used in different media including aggressive and abrasive medium.

Our managers can choose high-quality mechanical seals identical with those manufactured by Burgmann, John Crane, Roten, AЕSSEAL, Anga, Vulcan and other companies.