O-ring VITON

Viton rubber (fluorinated rubber)

Viton, FKM, FPM rubber – is the trade mark of fluorinated rubber of DuPont company, but nowadays among the all types of fluorinated rubber Viton is the best. The rubber detail is produced of rubber mixture, that is made on fluorine base. Regarding to the different systems of standardization, word combination fluorinated rubber can be abbreviated in many ways, but the content of it is still the same.

The abbreviation FPM – in accordance with specification of International Standardization System (ISO), the abbreviation FKM – accordingly to the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). FPM – international name, but FKM – American name of the same material. ФК (FR – fluorinated rubber) – is Russian shortening.

Viton / FPM / FKM / VITON (Fluorinated rubber) – has perfect resistance to high temperature. It has wonderful mechanical and physical properties; the mass content of fluorine rubber blend compound provides nonflammability of this material. Fluorine elastomers have small index of breathing and minimal weight loss under operating in the vacuum.

  • aggressive chemical compounds
  • mineral oils and lubricants (also with alloying additions)
  • aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons 
  • flash-resistant hydraulic liquids on phosphorated ethers and chlorinated hydrocarbons base (HSC)
  • synthetic oils for aviamotors
  • see and salt water
  • hair shampoo
  • milk, milk whey
  • beer, juces
  • slurry
  • glycol-base break fluids 
  • organic acida, e.g. acetic or formic acids
  • chlorosulfonic acid
  • ketons(aceton, acetonphenone)
  • glowing vapour 
  • ammonia and amines
  • polar solvents (acetone, methyl ethylene keton, diethylene dioxode)
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20°C до +120 °C, short-timely - tо +150°C